A New Light (John 8:12)

The soft green light cast an eerie hue onto the skin of my daughter’s arm. There, outlined in gray serpiginous lines, was the target-her veins. Several years ago, we were in the outpatient triage area where she was awaiting the placement of an intravenous line, in preparation for her diagnostic radiologic study. The device was an infrared red imager designed to assist in the detection of a patient’s veins by highlighting the heat difference of the blood flow in the veins contrasted with the cooler surrounding skin.


As I observed this device simplify and diminish the time it took to locate a suitable vein, I reflected upon the dozens of hours I labored as a medical student, learning the painstaking art of finding a vein to start an intravenous line or to draw blood for laboratory testing. I remembered the anxious moments when a patient came into the emergency room with collapsed veins, secondary to blood loss or dehydration, as we frantically attempted to find a suitable vein. “That’s too easy!” I chuckled to myself. Yet, I was thankful for this new technology that simplified the process. The veins were always there but were now revealed in literally a new light. No more futile searching!


For years, I searched for a relationship with God. I was involved in a religious cult that devoted hours to meditation, chanting, and listening to the teachings of a self-proclaimed prophet. There were moments of clarity and I thought that I was finally beginning to find God. However, most of my experiences ended in frustration. Like searching for a suitable vein in an ill patient, it was a painstaking trial and error, always learning but never able to arrive at a complete understanding of God. It was only when I read the Bible did God shine His light of revelation and illuminate my spiritual darkness.


I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

John 8:12 (ESV)


Like the seemingly elusive veins, God is always present. I simply needed to see Him in a new light and He revealed Himself through the illumination of His Word, the Bible. I now understood God’s plan for my life and for His Creation. I understood why I am a sinner, spiritually separated from God, and how I am utterly incapable of restoring my broken relationship with God through my own efforts. No meditation or chanting would do it. I needed a Savior. I needed the true Light of the world. I needed Jesus Christ. No more futile searching!


Praise God for His grace and mercy to me!


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.


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