Three Price Points (John 14:6)

“Which set should I get? Both sets are on sale but for $30 more, I can get this other set. It won’t last as long but the salesperson said it will be a smoother ride.”


My wife’s question caught me totally out of my element. My wife’s car needed four new tires and there were three sets on sale, all made by a trusted manufacturer. We eventually opted for the set that was priced right in the middle-the momma bear choice. As I reflected upon our decision, I wondered if this was the overarching objective of the salesperson? I likened it to purchasing other items like wine. Restaurants are gambling that most patrons are not adept at selecting a great wine so they offer three price points. Most people don’t want to be appear as cheapskates, especially when ordering for a table or date, nor do they want to be deemed extravagant, so the middle priced wines are usually the top sellers. No surprise, these wines also bring in the highest profit margins. Would it be any different if tires were not similarly priced?


For many years, I approached God with a similar attitude. I readily rejected the Christian notion proclaiming there is only one path to God, by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It was too harsh, too high a price. Likewise, after some time, I rejected the notion that all religions are paths to the same God. It seemed too simplistic and inherently contradictory. I was content to chose the middle path. I believed in God but picked and chose what tenets I would believe. I made God in my image. I was gratified to observe that many of my peers also chose a similar path. It was the politically correct path, non-offensive, inclusive. Isn’t this what God should be like?


Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6 (ESV)


God changed my heart and led me to earnestly and honestly investigate the claims of His Son, Jesus Christ. Instead of a religion, dependent upon my actions of doing good deeds to reach God, I learned that Christianity was a dynamic relationship between God and man. No amount of selfless works, no effort on my part could ever make me good enough, worthy to be in a relationship with a perfect God. No. If a relationship were to happen, it would have to be a merciful and gracious God taking the initiative. He did so by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to live a perfect life, in complete obedience to God, the Father. He obeyed God to the Cross, where He was tortured and executed for the sins that separated man from God. He received the punishment for my sins, one that I justly deserved. For His faith and obedience, God raised Him from the dead and He ascended to Heaven. He conquered death because He chose to pay the highest price.


Too high a price?


It was not too high for Jesus Christ to pay the price. And He showed me that if I confess and repent of my sins, and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I will be granted salvation and eternal life. Praise God!


For my eternal salvation, I chose the highest price, because Jesus Christ did.


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.


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