“He Knows You!” (1 Chronicles 15:22)

“Hey, Buddy! I can’t believe what a small world this is! I was at a track meet and chatting with my son’s best friend’s grandpa Jake. He is connected to our family on a social media site and he asked me about some guy he keeps seeing in photos with us, YOU! He knows you when you were a resident at the hospital. Wow!”

The text from one of my closest friends intrigued me. The name seemed vaguely familiar and I quickly searched the social media site and found our mutual connection. Yes, we were definitely at the same hospital over thirty years ago. I perused his photos and was chagrined that I did not remember him. Upon further investigation, I learned that he usually worked the graveyard shift in the hospital laboratory. Thus if I did interact with him, it would have only been in the evenings when I was on call. I followed up with my friend who was surprised I didn’t remember him since he said that Jake remembered me very well. 

Regrettably, such exchanges are becoming more frequent. Over the past few years, I have met people who attended the same high school but were a year or two older or younger than me. While I vaguely remembered their names, I could not recall their faces or my interactions with them. However, they apparently remembered me, hopefully fondly. 

Someday in Heaven, I will meet many of the great saints of the Bible. Abraham. Moses. King David. The Apostle Paul. Although I will not recognize their faces, I will certainly know them from what I have read about them in the Bible. I will also meet Chenaniah. Who? Do I know him? He knows me!

Chenaniah, chief of the Levites, was in charge of the singing; he gave instruction in singing because he was skillful.

1 Chronicles 15:22 (NASB)

Chenaniah was in charge of the singers of the Temple, appointed by King David. Many of the psalms that David wrote were put to song and Chenaniah led the choir during times of worship. Like so many of my former acquaintances, I know Chenaniah by name from reading about him in the Bible. It is pure conjecture but perhaps in Heaven he will approach me and say, “I know you. You used to lead worship at your local church. You played many of the songs that I used to lead worship for King David. All these years I’ve been watching you and millions of others who have worshiped our Lord with these same songs. So glad we can finally meet in person!”

It would be wonderful if this could happen. In Heaven, we will all know each other through the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Even if we cannot remember them in this life or have never ever met them, we will all be united as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, adopted sons and daughters of God, the Father.

He knows you! 

Indeed, He does!

Love and trust in the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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