Honor The Creator (Genesis 1:31)

My fingers ran over the polished wooden handle of burled wood, expertly grooved to ergonomically match my grasping fingers. It tapered to an attached metal point held in place by a sturdy rubber grip. It was a wine/bottle stopper. It was gifted to me by a dear Christian brother who made it in his own workshop. As I marveled at the workmanship, I was overwhelmed by his generous spirit. In my thank you letter to him, I extended my gratitude. “Thank you for your thoughtfulness and time to craft this precious gift. This will be proudly displayed and used in our home and I will delight in telling everyone that you are the creator.“

I am overjoyed from receiving this exquisite handmade gift and I want to share it with others. I wish to honor the creator. Our relationship with God, the supreme Creator, is no different. In the Creation account recorded in the book of Genesis, God created the universe, the earth, and most living creatures in the first five days. After each day, God said that it was good. On the sixth day, God created man. However, instead of simply stating it was good, God went one step further and made the following declaration.

…God saw all that he had made, and it was very good indeed. 

Genesis 1:31 (CSB)

Very good indeed! Are WE not God’s greatest creation? The Bible states that we are made in God’s image. We are imbued with a conscience and a personality. We are created with a soul that was designed to know and worship God, our Creator. Sin has marred this relationship but all of us still have a longing and need to reconcile this relationship with Him. We know things are not the way they should be. We know this is not the world that God intended for us to live in. We want to restore the relationship that sin has marred with our Creator. God has provided the answer.

God gave us His only Son, Jesus Christ, to be our Lord and Savior. When we confess and repent of our sons and accept this invitation from God, we honor our Creator. He has restored the relationship that sin has broken. 

And I delight in telling everyone that He is the Creator!


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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