P.O.L. (John 14:19)

My wife and I were attending an orientation session for parents of incoming freshmen for my daughter’s college. Informative and timely, all of the speakers endeavored to keep their discussions humorous and light. One speaker began with an instant online poll asking, “How many times will you be communicating with your child in the first year?” The audience took out their cell phones and migrated to the website of the poll. Within seconds the overhead screen flashed a live summary of responses. The most frequent answer was 1-2 times per week. Yet the range varied from 2-3 times per day to once a quarter! The speaker then shared a story from his life. 


“I had been texting my daughter for several days and even calling her, but there was no answer. I was about to call the college but finally, my daughter sent me a brief text message…P.O.L.”


Some of the audience knowingly snickered.


“Proof of life!”


In this hyperconnected internet-driven world, it is easy to take for granted the ease by which we may communicate with one another, even half-way around the world. Unfortunately, family members are sometimes neglected. Being labeled a helicopter parent has become a pejorative description, yet, it is difficult to let go after 18 years. As parents, we need to have some affirmation and reassurance that our children are fine, especially when we have seen them every day up to this point. Our children are seeking independence and learning to be on their own and it is a delicate balance between keeping in touch and letting go.


…Because I live, you also will live.

John 14:19 (ESV)


There are few events in life as reaffirming and reassuring when we hear from someone we love, whom we fear is missing or worse. The Apostles were devastated after their Lord Jesus was tortured and executed on the Cross. For three days they lived in fear of their own lives, certain they would also be hunted down. They had forgotten the promises that Jesus had given them before He died. No worries, Jesus gave them His unique version of P.O.L.!


Because He lives, we can have eternal life, through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.


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