“Let’s Take A Walk!” (Genesis 5:22-24)

During my years in college, I would deliberately choose to study at a library that was at least a twenty-minute walk from my dormitory. I did this so that during the commute, I would have an opportunity to be alone with my thoughts and converse with God. I relished these intimate encounters but after I graduated, I stopped having these long walks with God. While it would not have been difficult to restart these walks when I was in medical school and residency, my priorities had unfortunately shifted. I continually felt pressed for time and I decided that giving up forty minutes a day to walk and commune with God was too burdensome. I turned my attention away from walking with God and instead focused upon walking alone and doing things my way. Only many years later did I restart these walks. I was thankful that my desire to walk with God was quickly rekindled. 


When Enoch was 65 years old, he became the father of Methuselah. After the birth of Methuselah, Enoch lived in close fellowship with God for another 300 years, and he had other sons and daughters. Enoch lived 365 years, walking in close fellowship with God. Then one day he disappeared, because God took him.

Genesis 5:21-24 (NLT)


Perhaps my love of walking with God echoes the longing that all of us desire to walk closer with our Creator? The Bible movingly illustrates this with the beautiful story of Enoch. Enoch was blessed to be able to walk with God for three hundred years. What were the topics of conversation? Why did God wait 300 years before He took him? How did this remarkable relationship even begin? Did God just appear before Enoch and said, “Let’s take a walk!”?


While God may not physically appear before all believers, He is always available to walk with anyone who calls upon His Name. Don’t squander the opportunity as I did for so many years of my life! Walk with God and tell Him the desires of your life and allow Him to take your burdens and pains. 


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.



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