A Step Away (1 Samuel 20:3)

The snow flurries were hindering my vision as I descended the freeway onramp. It was 20F and it was the first time I was driving a freeway when it was snowing. I safely made it down the ramp and nimbly merged with the traffic. For a young man from Hawaii, learning to drive on an icy freeway in one of the coldest winters in Denver, Colorado was not an ideal training environment. I soon discovered the foolhardiness of my judgment.


Ahead of me by two car lengths, the red tail lights signaled a slowing of the traffic. Slowly I braked, confident I was giving myself adequate spacing before the next car. Yet, instead of slowing, traction was lost and my car began to swerve and spin. I was terrified as the animated car took control. Thankfully the car came to a stop but I was now facing the oncoming traffic. The headlights slowly approached and I managed to turn the car around before they reached me and irreparable damage was done.


…But truly, as the Lord lives and as your soul lives, there is but a step between me and death.

1 Samuel 20:3 (ESV)


If it had been a different time of day when more cars were on the road, I could have easily been killed, or worse, injured or killed another driver. Life can be fleeting, a step away from death more often than I would like to acknowledge. I am not unique. In this passage from the Bible, the future King David knew that his life was in danger from King Saul. At any moment, death was only a step away. David acknowledged the gravity of the situation but he did not fear. He was confident that whatever befell him, he was safe in God’s hands. If his life were snuffed out in the next instant, he could confidently declare that he would safely be in the presence of God.


Nothing brings life into immediate focus than the threat of death. We all need to know what will happen to our souls when we die. Will our souls disintegrate into oblivion, joining the dust to which our bodies eventually return? Are our souls immortal and enter an afterlife? If so, is there a judgment or do all souls go to Heaven or hell? These questions must be answered by everyone in their lifetime. The Bible is very clear that our souls live forever and there is an afterlife with a judgment. Only by confessing and repenting of one’s sins and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will we be assured of salvation and eternal life with God. If we chose not to, God has no choice but to respect our decision and our souls will forever be separated from God, eternally tormented in hell.


We are all a step away from death. Take a step in the right direction and chose life through faith in Jesus Christ.


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.


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