Not The Complete Story (Psalms 19:7)

The soft green glow that emerged from the crack below the door of my daughter’s room filled me with sadness. I softly knocked on her door, unsure whether my daughter was awake or simply fell asleep last night and did not turn off the light. Gently opening the door, I peered in to see her on her bed, studying.


“You okay, sweetheart?”


“Yes, Dad. I have an early test.”


“Okay, let me know if you need me to do anything for you.”


I sighed softly as I closed her door. As I left for work that morning, I prayed that God would strengthen my daughter and give her peace for this early morning examination. I reminisced over the many times I did the same thing she was doing. These are the painful moments of school and life, the memories that are hopefully forgotten. I would rather she, and I, focus upon the happier times of friendships and helpful teachers, but it is not the complete story.  


When I was in college, I missed the last religion class, before the final examination, because of an illness. On the evening before the finals, I ran into a classmate who asked me if I would be attending the evening review session. My blank look instantly revealed to her that I was in dire need of assistance. During the last class I missed, the professor gave out the final examination questions and we were expected to have reviewed them and be ready to write out our prepared answers on the day of the final examination. That evening, I participated in our study group and spent the rest of the entire night and most of the next morning, writing out my answers. I did well on the final examination and the class, and I have fond memories of what I learned, but it was not the complete story. I was in a panic mode at 3AM, frantically preparing my answers while I was battling fatigue. I could have easily failed that course.


The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple…

Psalms 19:7 (ESV)


The Bible is God’s revelation of the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for all humanity. It is complete and inerrant. Everything we need to know to lead everyone to confess and repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are recorded here. Yet, there are still details that are omitted. We do not have all the details of the childhood and early adulthood of Jesus, but we know from Biblical references that he was a carpenter like his earthly father, Joseph. We do not have the gruesome details of the Crucifixion of Jesus, although we know from historical records it was, and still is, one of the most painful means of execution ever devised by man.


On many issues, the Bible is silent. Yet, although we do not have the complete story, we have all the details we need to make a decision to surrender our lives to Jesus Christ. Someday, my daughter may look back over her life and remember the tough times. Hopefully, through the filter of time, she will only remember the fond memories-the friendships, the laughter, the life lessons that are forming an indelible part of her character. Yet upon deeper reflection, she may recall the painful episodes of waking up early to study for yet another examination. Like my religion class in college, I am hopeful my daughter will remember the best and forget the rest. It may not be the complete story, but sometimes the important things in life, like the Gospel, need to be distilled to what truly matters.


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.


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