The Most Dangerous Time (1 John 1:8)

Experts warn that the most dangerous time to drive is at dawn and dusk. During these periods, the sun is low in the horizon and the glare may make it difficult to navigate. In addition, adjusting to the light changes may also be challenging. I would like to add one additional time-5AM.

I awaken very early each weekday morning and am on the road by 5AM to go to my office. There is an advantage to driving this early; there is minimal traffic and the traffic lights appear to be synchronized much more efficiently. The danger appears in the form of other drivers and pedestrians. Nearly every morning, I encounter impatient drivers who are unwilling to wait for the traffic light to turn green. They will cross an intersection when their light is red or run a red light if they perceive there is no one coming from the oncoming cross traffic. I have encountered numerous pedestrians walking or jogging on the street, usually in the direction of oncoming traffic. The vast majority are not wearing any reflective clothing or carrying any lights. On more than one occasion, I have nearly hit one of these pedestrians who ventured too far into my lane of traffic. Other pedestrians will jaywalk across 6 laned highways, confident that the traffic flow is light and any driver would see them. The worst near miss I had was a car that was parked in a lane that was hidden because of a blind turn. The car did not have their hazard lights on and thankfully, I swerved into the adjacent lane to avoid hitting them. Had another car been in the lane next to me, I would have undoubtedly hit it, causing a serious accident. While most of these situations could have occurred in broad daylight, I feel the early morning hours lulls many into thinking they can take dangerous risks that would be unacceptable at other times. 

Is there a most dangerous time of the day for spiritual attacks? I am certain many of us can recount certain times of the day when they are more prone to attack by Satan. One of my former pastors related that he and his wife often get into tense discussions and sometimes even argue while on the way to their Sunday service. It was a time when the pastor was the most spiritually prepared, about to shepherd his congregation with a sermon and Satan instigated a conflict. I was astounded when I heard this? How could this happen? How indeed!

 If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. 

1 John 1:8 (NASB)

The most dangerous time of the day for spiritual attacks is when we grow complacent and believe that we are not sinners. That couldn’t happen, right? After all, we all know we are sinners, only saved by grace and mercy of God. This is true. Yet it is the times when we feel confident and spiritually filled and prepared when we should be most wary. Like my former pastor, this has happened to me many times. Satan preys on this overconfidence, deceiving us into believing that we can stand firm to any temptation. In reality, we may be allowing an opening for Satan to work his deceptions and malicious intents.

Be aware of the most dangerous time of the day, when sin crouches at your door. 

Love and trust in the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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