What Would Jesus Do? (2 Peter 3:15-16)

Many years ago, it became popular to wear a band that had the acronym, W.W.J.D. It stood for the rhetorical question, “What Would Jesus Do?” While the popularity of the wrist band has faded, I believe the message of the phrase is very relevant, particularly with the moral relativism of modern society. 

Recently, I was alerted to an advertisement that the state of California was displaying on billboards in several neighboring states. I was in disbelief even when I saw the actual advertisement which supported abortion and welcomed women to come to California to obtain an abortion, if the state they currently resided had restricted or banned this medical procedure. In small letters below the invitation was a quotation of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Mark. What would Jesus do? According these political operatives, He would support a woman’s right to an abortion.

Source:SF Examiner.com

Where is the outrage? Of course, it is muted and muzzled by the popular press and social media who overwhelmingly support abortion. Politicizing religion is nothing new. For centuries, malevolent individuals have twisted and usurped God’s Word to support their nefarious causes. The Apostle Peter records such actions by opportunists who distorted and manipulated God’s Word as written by the Apostle Paul. 

And remember, our Lord’s patience gives people time to be saved. This is what our beloved brother Paul also wrote to you with the wisdom God gave him— speaking of these things in all of his letters. Some of his comments are hard to understand, and those who are ignorant and unstable have twisted his letters to mean something quite different, just as they do with other parts of Scripture. And this will result in their destruction. 

2 Peter 3:15-16 (NLT)

What would Jesus do?

Jesus quoted scripture to rebuke Satan when He was tempted. He quoted scripture to the Pharisees when they exhibited hypocritical behavior when they falsely attempted to live a holy life. The Gospels are replete with many examples of our Lord Jesus Christ, quoting the scriptures to justify His viewpoints and actions. However, Jesus Christ never quoted scripture to support sin. To use a quotation of Jesus Christ to justify abortion is ludicrous and blasphemous.

For those who chose abortion, this is their decision. However, for those who advocate for abortion, God’s Word is sacred and holy and cannot be used to support their cause. 

Love and trust in the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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