Abnormal Desires (Psalms 119:20)

Many years ago, I watched a television program that attempted to point out the absurdity of some of our inborn desires. It depicted a large auditorium filled with an audience all gathered for a special unveiling. On the stage was an elegantly draped table with a gleaming silver platter covered by a matching dome. The host, resplendent in a black tuxedo, surveyed the anxious crowd. With a deft flip of his wrist, he lifted the dome to reveal the hidden treasure. It was a sandwich! The audience gasped and shrieked in adulation!

The point of the show was to illustrate how simple desires like hunger can go awry and become distorted, even abnormal. When I saw this example over thirty years ago, I was quite certain this behavior would be considered ludicrous. Yet, the popularity of food shows that many of us, including myself, watch, is a testimony that what I once thought was an abnormal desire, is now accepted. It is an endless barrage of chefs preparing their signature dishes, often competing with one another. Every step, every ingredient, every technique, is scrutinized and then re-analyzed. Food Porn is mainstream.

Who decides which desires are good or bad, necessary or extreme? The billionaires who run the social media companies? The Food Network? Our politicians? Ourselves? Are there any noble desires?

I am always overwhelmed with a desire for your regulations. 

Psalms 119:20 (NLT)

God created us with desires. Without it, we would cease to exist. We would not care for our own needs or those of others. God also gives us the freedom to pursue and fulfill our desires by our own volition. We can allow our desire to eat to run wild to the excesses of food porn. In the verse quoted above, the Psalmist states that his overwhelming desire is to follow God’s laws and regulations. If we are given freedom to pursue our own desires, why would God want us to follow His laws and regulations? Why would we do this? 

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires. 

Psalms 37:4 (NLT)

God created us with desires and He also knows how to best fulfill them. We must recognize that our desires are not an end to itself, they were given to lead us to a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Only by delighting in a relationship with Him will all our desires be fulfilled.

Love and trust in the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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