21G (Proverbs 7:6-8)

What? Again?

My home wifi service dropped once again. I was in a part of our house that did not efficiently receive the wifi signal from our router. I needed a strong signal because of a project I was undertaking that could only be done in that location.

As I surveyed the available networks, I saw the strongest signal was named 21G. I surmised that this was probably my neighbor’s, whose street address was 21, next to mine which was 19. It was enticing to want to use his wifi and just on a whim, I connected to it and a request for a password immediately appeared. Of course, I did not know it and I was unable to connect, however the entire episode gave me pause. What if he did not password protect his system and I was able to connect? Would I have continued with it? Would I have covertly used his wifi and not tell him? Perhaps I would convince myself that I just needed it for that one project but if another opportunity arose in the future, would I succumb to the same temptation?

Of course, none of this happened but I was dismayed that my thoughts even went down this slippery slope. Isn’t this how sin begins? We place ourselves in the pathway of temptation which can lead to sin if we are not careful. The Bible warns of this. 

While I was at the window of my house, looking through the curtain, I saw some naive young men, and one in particular who lacked common sense. He was crossing the street near the house of an immoral woman, strolling down the path by her house. 

Proverbs 7:6-8 (NLT)

This naive young man placed himself in the path of temptation. He knew what he was doing, lurking near the home of a woman who enticed him. He created the situation to be seduced by the immoral woman who eagerly responded and showered him with attention, leading him into an adulterous affair. 

I am no different than the naive young man, except at my age, I should know better. Why should I look for ways to make it easier to sin when I should be looking for ways to follow God more closely? Unless I continue to yield to God’s will, I will always find excuses to place myself in the pathway of temptation. 

Love and trust in the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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