The Real Reason (Numbers 16:1-3)

The laboratory worker stormed out of his manager’s office. He was complaining about the new hours he was being asked to work. He stated that he had more seniority and his contributions during his shift were critical for an efficient workflow. By moving him to another shift, he averred that it was endangering patient care. In reality, many of us knew that he was working another job at a neighboring hospital laboratory and the new shift to which he was being reassigned would interfere with his other job. 

In any dispute, there is a stated reason and the real reason for the complaint. The Bible records this rebellion against Moses as a striking example. 

One day Korah son of Izhar, a descendant of Kohath son of Levi, conspired with Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, and On son of Peleth, from the tribe of Reuben. They incited a rebellion against Moses, along with 250 other leaders of the community, all prominent members of the assembly. They united against Moses and Aaron and said, “You have gone too far! The whole community of Israel has been set apart by the LORD, and he is with all of us. What right do you have to act as though you are greater than the rest of the LORD’s people?”

Numbers 16:1-3 (NLT)

Korah led a rebellion against Moses. Ostensibly, he complained that because all Israelites were chosen by God, Moses and Aaron were not any more qualified to lead than anyone else. The real reason was he desired the same privileges as Moses and Aaron. He wanted to be the chief priest rather than simply serving the priests Moses and Aaron. 

In all relationships, we need to be discerning about the real reason for any dispute. I have witnessed it many times, both in my own company and in other companies for which I have worked. Candidly, I often did not pursue the real reason since I trusted the person and their stated reasons. I was later chagrined to learn of my misplaced trust. Jesus knows our hearts and instructed His disciples to be discerning in all dealings. 

Look, I am sending you out as sheep among wolves. So be as shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves. 

Matthew 10:16 (NLT)


Love and trust in the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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