Meeting The Parents (Exodus 20:12)

Many years ago, I proposed to the woman who would become my wife. After she accepted, we received congratulations from our friends but one important task was left for both of us. It was time to meet the parents! Her parents lived in the Philippines so she and I flew to Manila. When I arrived, all eyes were on me, scrutinizing and analyzing my body language and speech. Was I worthy of their daughter? Would I be a good provider? Would I honor her? Thankfully, all went well and the scenario successfully repeated a few months later when we flew to Hawaii to meet my parents. We have been married for nearly twenty five years but the first meetings with the parents were definitely the most stressful encounters for both of us. What would have happened if her parents didn’t like me? What if my parents didn’t like her? Would either of us have chosen to get married if there was not unanimous support from both sets of parents?

Meeting the parents. It is a scenario repeated throughout history and in all cultures. The customs may differ but the anxiety is the same. Does God have anything to say about the expectations of our parents for the approval of a marriage?

Honor your father and your mother so that you may have a long life in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.

Exodus 20:12 (CSB)

If either set of parents disapproved of one of us, I am certain we both would have taken much time to reflect upon their opinions. We wanted to honor our parents and seek their blessings for our marriage since we both acknowledged that they knew each of us very well and were seeking God’s will for our lives, just as we were. God speaks to His children in many different ways and our parents are a very powerful and important channel for His love and guidance. In these troubling times when children are suing their parents to divorce themselves from their care and jurisdiction, my wife and I are thankful that our parents raised us to respect them and fear our Heavenly Father.


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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