“They Support The Dodgers!” (John 15:18)

“We need to fill up, where’s the nearest gas station?”

“There is one at the next intersection but I don’t want to go there. Let’s go to the one closer to the mall.”


“They support the Dodgers!”

I was driving with my friend who was an avid Los Angeles Dodgers’ fan. While I knew that he attended many games and rarely missed a television or radio broadcast, I did not know his passion for the team extended to businesses that also supported the Dodgers. While I did not share the same values as he did, I respectfully agreed to abide by his wish and drove to the gas station he suggested. I admired him for his loyalty to something he believes in. 

Unfortunately, in these divisive times, support for different businesses have taken on violent overtones with different activist groups publicly shaming and canceling individuals and businesses for the values which they support. Christians and the businesses they support have been victimized. Ironically the very groups that clamor for inclusiveness and tolerance act in the complete opposite manner when it involves Christians. While these groups could simply boycott and refuse to support businesses that proclaim Christian values, they take it one step further, clamoring for social ostracism, shutting down their business, or worse. 

In America and many democracies, we have the freedom to choose which businesses to support. If we perceive its values do not meet with ours, like my friend choosing to support gas stations that support his favorite baseball team, we can simply choose to not do business with them. I wish it could end there but it will not. Something more sinister than a woke cancel culture is happening. 

If the world hates you, understand that it hated me before it hated you.

John 15:18 (CSB)

For many Christians, the attacks feel personal. They are, but are not directed at individual Christians. They are directed at the person of Jesus Christ. Our Lord stated this thousands of years ago and it is more true today. God’s Truth is absolute. The relative morality of the world is diametrically opposed to God’s Word. Christians must stand firm and defend our faith, even if it means persecution.

There is no compromise. Christians support Jesus Christ. 

Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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