How Much Should Be Included? (Roman 1:1)

All resumes include sections such as educational background, work experience, and references. Additional sections may include special skills, awards and honors. The objective is to provide the potential employer with as much as information to make a decision on whether to interview and possibly hire an applicant. How much should be included? Obviously it depends upon the position one is seeking. 

If applying to medical school, should the award for best science project in fifth grade be included? If applying for a position as a pastor for a church, should the Gold Star award for perfect attendance at Sunday school in middle school be included? While these awards are laudable, are they relevant? Clearly, one must be discerning and selective in what awards and honors are placed in a resume to best represent oneself. 

This letter is from Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, chosen by God to be an apostle and sent out to preach his Good News.

Romans 1:1 (NLT)

It is instructive that in several of his letters, the Apostle Paul introduced himself to his readers as a slave or bondservant to Jesus Christ. This was the only credential he felt best represented himself. Paul was trained by one of the most prominent Rabbis of his day. He was a superstar, a Pharisee of Pharisees. Yet, he eschewed all of these honors. The only item in his credentials that he sought to communicate to his audience was his relationship to His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He chose the lowest and most humble state of a slave, to characterize himself. He was not seeking to sell himself. He was seeking to represent Jesus Christ, his Lord and Master. 

In today’s business world, the Apostle Paul may not have gotten a job if he included his credentials of a slave. Instead God used his credentials to bring millions into a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

And this was exactly the position he was seeking.

Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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