Senile Lentigo (John 17:17)

As I age, my face and hands are increasingly adorned with age spots, also known as liver spots. The facial age spots are the most obvious. The medical term is lentigo senilis or senile lentigo. The “senile” adds a somewhat pejorative note to the diagnosis and some dermatologists prefer to use the term wisdom spots, a more palatable and acceptable moniker.


It reminds me of my experience with my daughter. When she was born, she had several birthmarks. These are also known by another pejorative medical term, Mongolian spots. The vast majority fade and completely disappear within a few years and are not worrisome. My daughter had a prominent one located over her right wrist. When she was a few years old, she asked me what it was. “It’s a princess spot, sweetheart. Nothing to worry about. It means you are very special.” With time, it did fade away and I gave her the complete clinical medical description. I think she preferred princess spot.


Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.

John 17:17 (ESV)


Does God ever use softer or alternative terms to hide the harsher realities of life? God never sugarcoats the realities of life. He reveals His truth through His Word. He gives us what we need, not necessarily what we ask. He never abandons us and always comforts us with His exceedingly abundant love. This anonymous prayer eloquently illustrates God’s providence in our lives.


He prayed for strength that he might achieve;

He was made weak that he might obey.

He prayed for health that he might do greater things;

He was given infirmity that he might do better things,

He prayed for riches that he might be happy;

He was given poverty that he might be wise.

 He prayed for power that he might have the praise of men;

He was given infirmity that he might feel the need of God.

He prayed for all things that he might enjoy life;

He was given life that he might enjoy all things.

He had received nothing that he asked for—all that he hoped for;

His prayer was answered—he was most blessed.




Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.


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