AT40 (Psalms 133:1)

“Hurry up Dad! I have to get home to listen to the radio!”


It was nearing 9 AM on a Sunday morning, time for my favorite weekly radio program. For more than a generation, the distinctive and inviting voice of Casey Kasem entertained millions with his radio broadcast of “American Top 40”, popularly known as “AT40”. For three hours, Casey would play the top 40 popular songs in America, as researched by Billboard magazine. Although I could occasionally guess what the number one song would be, it was always exciting to participate in the countdown. During the presentation, Casey would insert historical commentaries and interesting vignettes of the artists and the songs they sang. In a time before the internet and digital broadcasts, if I missed the broadcast, the event was missed. I could talk to friends or read about the show in the newspaper, but these were poor substitutes for the actual event. I had to be there!


Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Psalms 133:1 (ESV)


My enthusiasm for Sunday mornings now focuses upon the time I gather my family together and worship God in His church. Today, the internet and other media sources provide several options to participate in a church worship service, including live internet feeds and videos captured on various social media and church websites. Yet, there is nothing that can replace the experience of worshipping God in the communion and fellowship of His Church family. Like the radio broadcast of my childhood, I have to be there.  Indeed, how good and pleasant it is to dwell in unity!


AT40, the radio broadcast that entertained me for much of teenage years, is gone. Thanks be to God, the Church will exist for eternity. I will be there!


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.


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