“I Never Said That!” (2 Samuel 15:2-6)

Many years ago, my former laboratory made an acquisition of another laboratory. As the medical director, I was tasked with interviewing the senior managers who oversaw different departments in the acquired laboratory. One of the managers strode into my office with a confident gait and extended his hand.


“Dr. Shitabata? Hi, I’m Jake!”


Returning his firm handshake, I launched into our interview. “I reviewed your resume, you have a great deal of experience. I am sure you will fit in very well with our laboratory.”


He nodded but appeared to ignore my comment. “I need to be honest with you. I’m used to running things my way. I’ve been running my department for twenty years. I do good work. I would like you to put me in charge of this department.”


Whoa. That was an unexpectedly brash request that I was not expecting. I cautiously replied. “Well, Stuart has been in the manager in that department for about the same amount of time. He is excellent.  I think the two of you would get along fine but he is in charge there, you would work under him.”


“I see.” His face fell. “I think you will be very impressed what I can do for you. I already spoke to John, the laboratory manager, and he was supportive of my idea.”


“Oh really?” I smiled. “Let me meet with John and we will see what can be done.”


“Super duper!” He shook my hand and exited, as confidently as he had entered.


Later that afternoon, John, my laboratory manager, stopped by my office. “Dr. S? Do you have a minute?”


“Sure thing…what’s up?”


“I need to talk to you about Jake. He said that you promised him that you would make him the manager of his department.”


I looked at John who had a perturbed look on his face. “Jake said that?”


“Yes! Why would you do this and go over my head and hurt Stuart as well?”


Things were quickly unraveling. “Hang on! I never said that! In fact, Jake told me that he already had spoken to you and you approved the changes!”


We both realized what was happening, we were being played by Jake. We immediately called a meeting of the senior management and recounted the events. Jake eventually left our laboratory after two weeks, disgruntled that we were unable to see the vast potential he was so self-assured he possessed. Welcome to the world of business relationships!


Duplicitous behavior, clandestine relationships, lies, and deceit. In business and in life, nearly all of us must deal with these and similar incidents. I was fortunate to find out about the circumstances from my manager, but for every lie that is exposed, countless others are perpetrated and relationships irreparably damaged.


And Absalom used to rise early and stand beside the way of the gate. And when any man had a dispute to come before the king for judgment, Absalom would call to him and say, “From what city are you?” And when he said, “Your servant is of such and such a tribe in Israel,”  Absalom would say to him, “See, your claims are good and right, but there is no man designated by the king to hear you.” Then Absalom would say, “Oh that I were judge in the land! Then every man with a dispute or cause might come to me, and I would give him justice.” And whenever a man came near to pay homage to him, he would put out his hand and take hold of him and kiss him.  Thus Absalom did to all of Israel who came to the king for judgment. So Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel.

2 Samuel 15:2-6 (ESV)


King David discovered too late that his favorite son, Absalom, was plotting to seize the throne from him, by stealing the hearts of the people by spreading lies that his father did not care for them. Although David eventually regained his throne, it cost Absalom his life.


Duplicitous behavior led to the loss of one of our employees, it cost David his son and betrayed our Lord Jesus Christ to the Cross. God understands the hurt and scheming that we are prone to perpetrate upon one another. Secular psychologists blame our genetics, our environment, everything but the true source.


It is our sinful nature and there is only one solution. We must confess and repent of our sins and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Only then, can our lives be held to an absolute standard of Good. There are no secrets before God and only He is worthy to judge our intentions and actions.


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.



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