Shared Calendars (Matthew 10:30)

The internet has provided a convenient way for our entire family to keep track of our schedules. We use a shared online calendar which is parsed by the different members of our family. As I was reviewing the calendar, I marveled at how complex our schedules have become, just in the last few years. My daughter and son have the crowded schedules of teenagers. My business and my wife’s business are there. There are church activities and family obligations. In spite of the fact that all activities are listed, the calendar has become so crowded that I have actually missed important appointments due to the clutter. Thus, I need to continually review the calendar several times a day, setting electronic reminders.


I am overwhelmed attempting to keep track of my own calendar and three others. What if God shared His calendar with us? As absurd as this may sound, it would be even more incredulous to think I could begin to keep track of it.


But even the hairs of your head are all numbered.

Matthew 10:30 (ESV)


My head is literally spinning if I begin to comprehend the infinite possibilities that God oversees and directs for every living creature in every moment of eternity. Cataclysmic occurrences such as the birth of a new star to the joy of the birth of a new child. The thoughts, dreams, and activities of every living creature ever created or will be created are under His direction. Even the granular information such as the number of hairs on my head are known and directed by God. Way too much information for me or any created calendar! Thanks be to God that He is not limited by a finite brain like mine!


God’s calendar is not mine nor is it known to me. And I am very thankful it is not! I can barely keep track of my own schedule. God is on His time and His schedule, running the universe with perfect timing.


Praise God that He does!


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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