Iomega (Matthew 24:35)

Who remembers Iomega?

Iomega was once one of the leading manufacturers of portable computer storage drives. Their most popular product, known as a Zip Drive, competed directly with the computer floppy disk, at that time, the ubiquitous but limited technology to store and transport data. Peaking in popularity at the beginning of the millennium, its technology was quickly supplanted by CDs and DVDs and by 2008, it was bought by another large computer company and has subsequently been discontinued. The other day, I found dozens of Zip Drives, once used to back up now defunct computers. I also found a cache of products like mouse pads, all emblazoned with the Iomega logo. 

In less than twenty years, a technology once considered cutting edge is obsolete. It doesn’t take much effort to think about other technologies relegated to the junk heap of obsoletism. Typewriters, tape recorders, video cassettes-what is next? 

Some cynics state that the Christian Church is destined for obsoletism. Recent surveys have documented that church attendance has steadily declined in all denominations, inclusive of both liberal and conservative churches. One could analyze the data and contend that the decline of active church going Christians is simply a reflection of attendees who were never true believers and only attending because of family, peer, or cultural pressures. Perhaps, but the data shows that the problem is far deeper and many are completely denying God or accepting non-Christian concepts such as reincarnation and the absence of hell. Fanning the flames is social media which demonizes Christians as narrow minded, exclusive, and privileged. 

The Christian Church is growing but not in North America, Western Europe, or Australia. It is growing in areas where there is active persecution of Christians. We do not hear of it in the mainstream media because these churches operate in secrecy, outlawed by their governments and subject to persecution by other religious groups, fearful of losing their own followers. 

Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear. 

Matthew 24:35 (NLT)

We are in a time of rapid change, occurring within technology and our societal and moral values. Obsolescence is the norm. The casual observer may think the same thing is happening to Christianity, but look beyond the headlines, and one will discover that the Church, the Body of Jesus Christ, is alive, active, and growing. The good news is the Church will never disappear nor become obsolete because God created it. He is eternal and omnipotent. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


Love and trust in the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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