Masterpiece (Psalms 119:96)

Kind of Blue.

Released in 1959, this album brought together the top jazz musicians of that time, led by trumpeter Miles Davis. Many rock musicians and lay people alike, who never previously listened to jazz, often cite this album as the first jazz music they found accessible. For jazz musicians, It was the signpost for the next evolution of jazz music and the innovations of the artists still reverberate to this day.

Miles Davis-Kind of Blue

The accolades continue to pour in. Many music critics declare it as the most important jazz album ever produced. It was recently honored as the best selling jazz record of all time. As music historian, Ashley Kahn, wrote, “This is the definition of a masterpiece. You always learn something new everytime you come back to it.”

I think I know of an even greater masterpiece!

Even perfection has its limits, but your commands have no limit.

Psalms 119:96 (NLT)

I have read hundreds of textbooks and journal articles all imparting some kernel of wisdom and knowledge that has helped to shape me. Yet nothing I have ever read can even approach the wisdom and inspiration that the Bible contains. The Bible is not a scientific book yet by it I learn the framework by which God created the universe. Until the 20th century, most astronomers and astrophysicists believed the universe was constant. It always existed and, therefore, there was no place for God or to postulate a creation. When scientists discovered the universe was actually expanding it led to the logical question, when did it start? The Big Bang Theory resulted and numerous lines of evidence have verified this occurrence. It all began nearly thirteen billion years ago, a singularity of unimaginable energy exploded into existence. All planets, stars, and galaxies are the result. But how did something, this singularity, emerge from nothing? The most reasonable explanation is God created it. He always existed and He created it just as the Bible stated thousands of years ago. It took man this long to discover this. 

The Bible is not a textbook of psychology but by it I learn why our lives are filled with pain and suffering. Cynics state that if there is a God, either He does not care or is powerless to stop it. The Bible clearly states it is because of our sinful nature, rebelling against an all loving God. We chose to sin and turn away from God’s love and mercy. Left to our own desires, mankind would continue to degenerate into a hopeless downward cycle of misery. But God took the initiative and restored the relationship sin had broken with Him by sending His Son, Jesus Christ to die on the Cross and be resurrected from death. He showed us the glorious pathway to restore the broken fellowship with Him by confessing and repenting of our sins and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. No psychotherapy or medication can ever give us forgiveness of our sins. Only faith in Jesus Christ can do this, just as the Bible stated. 

Ashley Kahn is spot on with his definition of a masterpiece. However, I believe his definition points to the greatest masterpiece. You always learn something new everytime you come back to the Bible!

Praise God!

Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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