“What Would You Do With This Information?” (Genesis 9:18-19)

The mapping of the human genome has revolutionized our understanding of the complexities of life. In just a few years, scientists are now able to understand the functions of many genes and map the genetic abnormalities for dozens of diseases. Several entrepreneurial companies have capitalized on the knowledge and offer a personalized genomic analysis that predicts the likelihood of certain racial backgrounds in one’s bloodlines.


Because of my medical background and laboratory specialty as a pathologist, I am more familiar with the nuances of the testing and I am frequently asked by friends and patients about the usefulness of such testing. While I can directly address the technical aspects of the testing, I always present the same query to the person posing the question, “What would you do with this information?”


The answers vary from a shrug and sheepish admission that they are only curious to a more deliberate reply. Some are genuinely searching for their cultural identity because they were adopted. Others, proud of their bloodlines and family trees, wish to verify their racial purity. Still, others wish to feel a connection with other races and cultures because of their spouses and friends. In some instances, disappointment and even resentment results when the truth of their bloodlines is revealed.


The sons of Noah who went forth from the ark were Shem, Ham, and Japheth. (Ham was the father of Canaan.) These three were the sons of Noah, and from these the people of the whole earth were dispersed.

Genesis 9:18-19 (ESV)


Most of us want to discover our origins. After the Flood, all races and nations arose from the three sons of Noah. Dispersing throughout the earth, the diversity we see today began with this initial migration. Before the Flood, the Bible states that Noah is a direct descendant of Adam. The same genetic testing that has led to so many major breakthroughs in medicine and bloodlines now also strongly suggests that there is an ancestral Adam and Eve from which all humans arose. Imagine that! Science has finally caught up to the Truth of the Bible! Regardless of our motives, the Bible shows us the Truth that all of mankind is related to one another. What should we do with this information? We all need to recognize that God created us to have fellowship with Him by confessing and repenting of our sins and accepting His Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior. We are all related to one another and it should motivate all of us to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to all peoples.


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.


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