Multiple Email Threads (Psalms 147:4-5)

“So please send the slides and reports to Dr. Smith. I am copying his secretary on this.”

“Will do. Thanks.”

“Spoke to the oncologist, Dr. Harris. Please send the case to him at Empire Oncology.”

“Ok, will do so as soon as I receive the original slides from the laboratory.”

“I am the patient. Thank you for everything you are doing for me! I can pick up the slides from Dr. Wong’s office.”

“Just got off the phone with Dr. Lopez. He wants to review the case first, so please send the case to him at the university, attention to David Dean, his secretary. Copying David on this.”

These email threads continued through several more exchanges. Not all the recipients were included in all the emails and several recipients responded several hours after receiving the first email. During that interval, multiple decisions contradicting one another had been made. The urgent discussion was regarding a patient for whom I had made a diagnosis of a recurrent cancer. In an effort to expedite care, several physicians who were currently involved with the care of the patient wanted to have the case re-reviewed by experts at a leading university hospital, where the original diagnosis of cancer was made several years ago. To complicate matters, the patient had been included in several of these email exchanges. 

After 24 hours of following multiple email threads, I was frustrated. I issued an email to all the recipients, including the patient, physician consultants and their secretaries. I attempted to summarize what I believed was the latest decision, in an effort to confirm that everyone was on the same page for coordinating the care for the patient.

This exchange involved less than ten people but I had to stop, re-read all of the emails, and summarize the latest points for all stakeholders. It took nearly twenty minutes and even after that effort, I was not absolutely sure that I had included everyone’s requests. As I reflected upon the complexity of this exchange, I wondered, how does God do this for over six billion people alive on this earth? People pray to him at all moments, some believing in Him while others complaining to Him. Many prayer requests are in direct conflict and represent opposing views. And God is not simply listening to all these prayers, He answers each one.  I can barely keep track of multiple emails. How does God do this?

He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name. Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite. 

Psalms 147:4-5 (NKJV)

Some astronomers estimate there are over 10*24 stars in the known universe. This number is almost unimaginably large and yet, God created each star and calls them by name. The Bible does not explain how God does this, He simply can and has done it, for all eternity! If God can do this, He can certainly listen and perfectly answer all of the prayers that are brought to Him. What is the proof? For all who trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, He promises His perfect peace that surpasses all understanding, sealing it with power of the Resurrection. 

An omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent God. I chose to place my faith in Him and His promises!

Love and trust in the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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