“He’s A Natural!” (1 Samuel 9:1-2)

“Look at him! He’s a natural!”

I was overhearing a conversation between two basketball coaches marveling at the natural talent of one of their players. Some of us are fortunate to be blessed with superior natural abilities, allowing us to excel in certain sports or job skills. However it also requires the person to utilize it and continue to build upon their natural skills. Unfortunately, some very talented individuals have squandered their gifts. Mike Tyson. Aaron Hernandez. John Daly. The list is only limited by one’s persistence in searching for these stories.

Why would such gifted persons turn their back on their talents? The answer is as complex as the individuals. Pride, arrogance, and drug addictions are just a few of the reasons. The Bible records one individual whose life entered a similar downward spiral.

There was a wealthy, influential man named Kish from the tribe of Benjamin. He was the son of Abiel, son of Zeror, son of Becorath, son of Aphiah, of the tribe of Benjamin. His son Saul was the most handsome man in Israel—head and shoulders taller than anyone else in the land. 

1 Samuel 9:1-2 (NLT)

If there was ever someone who would be deemed a natural it was Saul. Born into a wealthy and powerful family in Israel, Saul was acclaimed as a tall and handsome man. A natural born leader! The Prophet Samuel was instructed by God to anoint him as Israel’s first king. However, after a promising start, he turned his back on God. He squandered his gifts and tragically was killed by his enemies. 

Are you a natural? Are you blessed with talents and gifts? Thank God for bestowing these upon you. Honor and thank God by using them to serve your Creator who gave them to you. Bible teacher and Preacher Warren Wiersbe eloquently stated, “Thank and think also come from the same root word. If we would think more, we would thank more.”


Love and trust in the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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