Energy Drinks (Psalms 119:156)

This one has caffeine, twice the amount found in a usual cup of coffee. Another has CBD while still another contains ginseng and taurine. I was perusing the dizzying array of energy drinks that were offered by my local supermarket. If I didn’t think I needed all of these supplements, these companies are determined to change my mind and they are quite successful with their marketing. Energy drinks comprise the fastest-growing segment of the highly competitive beverage market. One may think that there is abundant research to bolster the medical claims but there is not. On the contrary, there are growing studies that warn of the potential health hazards of consuming too many of these supplements. Most people ignore the warnings, secure that they are exercising their personal freedom of choice. I respect their decision. But what about other health choices?

Some people exercise their freedom of choice to not get vaccinated. Some of their arguments focus on the fact that the vaccines do not prevent the disease even if they clearly mitigate the signs and symptoms or the long-term sequelae are still unknown. I also respect their decision and agree that some of their objections are valid, even if I do not completely agree with them. 

There are others who choose not to get the accepted medical treatment for their diseases, claiming their faith in God will save them. Should a known diabetic refuse their insulin treatment, confident that God will heal them? While only God knows whom He will save, I question this pathway. What if a demonstration of our faith is trusting in the medications that have been proven to treat and even cure?

LORD, how great is your mercy; let me be revived by following your regulations. 

Psalms 119:156 (NLT)

Faith in God is not always a black and white decision. Not all situations are addressed by the Bible. Holistic health remedies. Novel vaccines. Proven medical treatments. This is when believers and followers in Jesus Christ must earnestly search the Bible and take all decisions to God in prayer. Jesus is the Great Physician and since He created us, He knows the best way to revive and sustain us. God has mercifully given us the ability to learn and treat many diseases. We demonstrate our faith in Him when we use this knowledge to make informed decisions based upon His Word.

Love and trust in the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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