“He Did It For Hezekiah!” (2 Kings 20:5-6 )

“Doctor, the patient is here to see you.”

“Thank you, please show her to my office.”

The patient was a friend of one of my employees. I recently diagnosed a melanoma in her skin biopsy and additional studies revealed that it had spread to her lymph nodes and lungs. She wanted to go over the studies with me and give me an update on her treatment. 

“Doctor, I have many people praying for me. I was encouraged by King Hezekiah’s experience. When God told him he was dying, he prayed to Him for mercy and God added fifteen years to his life. I know this could happen for me. He did it for Hezekiah!”

I nodded and prayed with her before she departed from my office. Yes, God did do it for Hezekiah, I thought to myself. However, just because God healed Hezekiah in this manner did not mean He would heal my patient in the same manner. God can do anything and only He knows whom He will heal. The miracle which this patient referred to is documented in the Bible. 

“Return and tell Hezekiah the leader of My people, ‘Thus says the LORD, the God of David your father: “I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely I will heal you. On the third day you shall go up to the house of the LORD. And I will add to your days fifteen years. I will deliver you and this city from the hand of the king of Assyria; and I will defend this city for My own sake, and for the sake of My servant David.”‘”

2 Kings 20:5-6 (NKJV)

I truly wanted my patient to be healed of her melanoma like Hezekiah’s illness. Yet, there is a danger to believe that God will act in the same way for any of us. Our Lord Jesus Christ healed many people when He lived amongst us. What is instructive is he healed with many different methods. He laid his hands upon them, others He touched and healed the diseased body part, and still for others, He simply spoke and the healing occurred. But He did not heal everyone. The Apostle Paul suffered from an unknown ailment and He implored Jesus to heal him on three separate occasions. However God did not and informed him, “…My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Corinthians 12:9 (NKJV)

God is the Omnipotent Great Physician and it is only by His grace and mercy that He chooses to heal anyone. Yet, the most important healing that must first take place is within our souls. As the Apostle Paul wrote, he learned that his disease was a glorious way to demonstrate God’s power working in his life, using his weakness to instruct Paul to become more dependent upon Him. 

Healing is not only physical. We must confess and repent of our sins and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We first need a healing of our souls.

Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.

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