“You Didn’t Notice It!” (Matthew 28:20)

“Oh, you moved Baby Jesus.”


I thought my employee was referring to the Nativity scene which I set up a few days earlier in our conference room so I replied, “Was it moved?”


“No.” She smiled. “I placed a baby Jesus in a manger on your microscope.”


I was confused. “Where?” 


“I placed it right on top of your microscope.”


“Right on top…?” I thought for a second then realized what happened. 


“Oh my. Is that what it was?” It was a darkly stained piece of carved wood, perched on my microscope, on top of the ocular eyepieces. My microscope was just serviced and cleaned and after the service, I was inspecting the work and noticed the wooden piece. Assuming it was a tool that he was using, I informed the repair person that he left something on my microscope, However, he was as bewildered as I was and he put it aside, placing it on a table next to my desk. I grabbed it and said, “Here it is! When did you put it there?”


“At the beginning of this week. You didn’t notice it!”


I was fumbling to say something pithy but was at a loss. “So sorry, but it is still here, “ as I pointed to it next to my microscope. 


“No worries. I was wondering when you would notice it!”


Embarrassed, I smiled and said, “Thank you for your thoughtfulness.”


…And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

Matthew 28:20 (ESV)


Isn’t this symbolic of my spiritual walk with God? I am so busy with my work and life that I do not even realize that Jesus is literally right in front of my eyes! Praise God that even when I am unaware of His presence, Jesus Christ is always with me.




Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.



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