“Is There A Doctor On Board?” (Romans 4:21)

We were eight hours into our family’s return flight from Thailand. I was dozing, content after eating our dinner and was hoping to get a few hours of sleep. The crackle of the overhead announcement jolted me out of my brief rest.


“We have a medical issue with one of our passengers. If there is a doctor on board or anyone with medical training, please identify yourself to a flight attendant.”


My daughter looked at me and I nodded to her and proceeded to identify myself to a flight attendant. On a long flight such as this, I anticipate such an announcement to be made. In fact, this was the fourth time I have answered this type of call on an airlines flight. After sharing my medical credentials in the form of my medical license, the flight attendant ushered me to the row where a young girl was reclining. Taking a quick history, I learned she was feeling nauseous, about 1 hour after eating her dinner, throwing up once. Prior to the flight, she was fine and she had no underlying medical conditions or currently taking any medications. I did a cursory physical examination and noted her pulse to be normal and strong and she was in no obvious pain or distress. I stayed with her a few more minutes and instructed the flight attendants to give her some clear liquids and keep her reclined. It appeared to be a stomach flu or a reaction to the food but in my mind, more dangerous scenarios emerged. Appendicitis? Bleeding ulcer? I checked on her every hour and thankfully, the entire episode resolved without any worsening of the symptoms and we were able to land without further drama.


Although I am a physician, the options I had to care for the patient were limited. I am not a surgeon nor did I have the proper facilities to adequately treat someone, even if I could. If it had been a true emergency, the patient may have perished before we would be able to land.


…fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised.

Romans 4:21 (ESV)


Life presents all of us with continual challenges. Unlike my professional credentials, God gives us the complete spiritual credentials we need to successfully see us through every situation and crisis. God promises every believer that He will never leave us nor forsake us by confessing and repenting of our sins and accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.


I am a physician, but I place my faith and trust with the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.


Love and trust the Lord; seek His will in your life.



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